Public Service Opportunity with the Council on Developmental Disabilities

The Council on Developmental Disabilities is in need of a student to do legal research & analysis to promote the establishment of an Adult Abuse Registry that would mirror the Child Abuse Registry. This Registry would house the names of individuals that have substantiated administrative records (via Cabinet for Health Services/CPS) of abuse, neglect or exploitation of an adult with a disability. The legislation (which passed the House & failed in the Senate) would prohibit employment of said individuals for the purposes of delivering direct care to an adult with a disability in many settings (nursing homes, group homes, adult day programs, etc.). Currently, they are advocating for an Executive Order to establish a VOLUNTARY program.

The records of substantiated abuse would be held in a database which employers could (on a voluntary basis) check before hiring a prospective employee. There have been lots of Due Process questions and concerns. At the crux, these Due Process issues need to be explored and explained in the context of the Registry. A strategic plan, based on the legal justifications discovered, will be developed to convince the Executive Branch that an Executive Order would not violate Due Process rights.

If this is a project that would be of interest to you, please contact Jina Scinta at The first student to contact me will be signed up.