Networking - Part 2

Where to Start

So how do you do this?  A good first step is to think about all of the people you already know.  If you think you don’t know anybody, just take a look at your Facebook page!  Start making a list of contacts including family, friends, former professors and co-workers, and other acquaintances, and don’t be shy about letting them know that you are now in law school and will be looking for opportunities to gain legal experience.

When you meet new people, pay attention!  Effective networking comes as the result of being genuinely interested in what someone else has to say. If you’re not a naturally outgoing person, don’t worry – people love to talk about themselves, and while you’re thinking that you’re being too quiet, they’re admiring what a great listener you are!  Ask for a business card and take a moment to write yourself a note or two on the back to remind you of your conversation with this person.