New Policy for Posting Flyers for Student Organizations!

In order to have one centralized location to view upcoming student organization-sponsored events for the week and to clear the law school's walls and steps from clutter, we're introducing a new policy for posting Recognized Student Organization (RSO) events. 

Flyers for all RSO and SBA events must be posted on the new cork-board in the Mosaic Lobby.  The board is labeled, "This Week's Events" and will be dedicated to the law school's weekly RSO and SBA events.  Please ensure enough room is left for every RSO having events during the week to add a flyer. For those events that are more than a week away, please continue to post updates and reminders in the Student Orgs daily email.

We think this new policy will be a win-win for everyone.  Students will now have a quick reminder when they walk into the building about events for the week.  Student organizations will save time, money, and energy not having to post 15 flyers around the law building.  The building itself will look less cluttered.  Faculty and staff will not have to remove old flyers.  And, paper will be saved!  We ask for your cooperation with the new policy.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jacob Giesecke, SBA President, or Dean Ballard.