Writing Competition Announcements

30th Annual Smith-Babcock-Williams Student Writing Competition sponsored by the Planning & Law Division of the American Planning Association.

The deadline for submission of entries is June 7, 2013. The Competition is open to law students and graduate planning students writing on a question of significance in planning, planning law, land use law, local government law or environmental law.

The winning entry will be awarded a prize of $2,500 and will be submitted for publication in The Urban Lawyer, the law journal of the American Bar Association's Section of State & Local Government Law.  In addition to the first prize, the Competition will offer a second place prize of $500 and a third prize of $250.  Up to two additional submissions may be awarded Honorable Mention.  For more information visit, http://www.law.asu.edu/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=epuHJYqwa-4%3D&tabid=937.

Is Homicide Ever Justified or Murder at the Opera Essay Contest sponsored by Kentucky Opera and Daniels Associates, Attorneys at Law.  The law student division winner will receive a $500 prize to be awarded on stage during the pre-curtain speech at the September 28 performance of TOSCA.  Deadline for submission:  5:00 p.m. on September 17.  To review the facts of the case for the essay, please read the essay contest rules.  Copies are also availabe outside Dean Ballard's office (Room 216).

Please visit the Student Life page for a list of other external writing competitions open to law students, at http://www.law.louisville.edu/node/7044.

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