Future of the book?

Those who are convinced that the ebook is the shape of things to come should check out the new Sony Portable Reader System pictured on p. 148 of the latest issue of Wired (Nov., 2007).  It boasts enough memory (192 meg) to hold 160 books and is thinner than a CD jewel case, according to the description.  It has simple controls, a four-way navigation button and a page turner.  Retail price is listed at $299.  In the photo, it is VERY slick-looking -- the kind of gadget that anyone with an ounce of techno-lust would be anxious to try.  Will it replace the book?  My prediction is that it will not in the foreseeable future.  For one thing, the book is still an incredibly efficient way to package information. For another, there is still fear among information providers that digital media are too prone to mass reproduction and distribution.  They are more comfortable with the control they exercise over print media.