Attention RSOs: New Printing Requirements for all UofL schools and departments regarding promotional item printing

Please be aware that if you are coordinating the printing of any merchandise or promotional items (things like mugs, cups, t-shirts, calendars, window stickers, hats or keychains) the printer you select must be UofL IT Print Services or an approved vendor for the university. A list of approved, licensed vendors is attached.

The athletics department owns and manages all UofL branding and is tightly regulating who may print UofL-branded materials (so that they don't abuse our logos, create bootleg stuff, etc). The only downside is that your vendor of choice must be on their list. A 'short list' of approved companies here in town is attached. A longer list is available that I will share when I receive it from Athletics.

UofL Campus Vendor List short.pdf71.24 KB