38th Annual National Trial Competition Tryouts

Participate in one of the best trial advocacy competitions in the nation. Students selected to compete on the National Trial Team will be more prepared for the courtroom than most second- and third-year associates in litigation firms. Learn from experienced trial attorneys and polish your trial advocacy skills – objections; opening statements; closing arguments; direct examinations, cross examinations; impeachment; introducing exhibits; refreshing recollection; thinking on your feet; prepping “real” witnesses. 

In February, the UofL team will travel to Arkansas to compete at regionals. The top two teams from each Region will compete in the National Competition in San Antonio, Texas, on April 3-6, 2013. Last year, UofL advanced to the National Competition.

The School will select two teams to compete in the Regional Competition. This year’s Regional Problem will be released November 16. It will be a criminal problem. Teams will be selected and notified before Spring Registration begins.

To tryout, prepare and deliver an opening statement or a closing argument based on a past NTC problem – State of Lone Star v. Tony Grubb. The Grubb problem can be accessed on the NTC website under “Past Problem Archive.”   http://www.tyla.org/tyla/index.cfm/resources/law-students1/trial-advocacy-programs/national-trial-competition/ The opening or closing should not last longer than 12 minutes. Please also bring two copies of your resume.

Because the competition is in February, the majority of practices will be held in January and February (twice per week).  A few practices will be scheduled in November and December. 

Students will receive two credit hours for participating in the competition. Questions?  Contact Erica Wood or Mia Walters.

Tryouts:  October 22
(Sign-up outside the Moot Court Board Office!)