Exam 4 - Exam submission problem

Some students have reported a problem when attempting to complete their practice exam for Exam 4 while using Macs running Lion, version 10.7.x  The problem is that the exam does not submit and the network does not reconnect at all until the computer is restarted.  We have informed Extegrity of this problem but still require more information to assist them with troubleshooting.  If you experience this problem please inform the IT department at UofLLawIT@louisville.edu or by stopping by my office, room 119, and report your Operating System version.

There are more common reasons for not being able to successfully submit an exam; please make sure you are on campus and connected to ulsecure, not ulopen, before you start Exam 4 and give Exam 4 a minute or two to reconnect to ulsecure after the exam is ended. If you still cannot submit please contact the Law IT department.