Third Reminder: Exam4 Practice Test Deadline Is Fri., Oct. 26

This is the third reminder that the Exam4 practice test deadline for Fall 2012 final exams, including Professional Responsibility, is 11:59 PM EDT, Friday, October 26, 2012. To submit any Exam4 file, practice test or otherwise, you must be on campus and connected to ulsecure.

To submit a valid practice test, you must identify yourself using your ULink user name (e.g., lhowas01) and choose "F12 Practice exam" on the Course menu. The Legal Research version of Exam4 and all other previous versions have expired, so you must download and install and test the current version.

After the practice test submission deadline, students who have submitted a valid practice test will receive a confirmation e-mail. In the meantime, however, you may check whether your practice test was received using ExamTracker 4000. At least once each week day, the IT staff will update the ExamTracker, moving invalid submissions to a folder labeled "Wrong." Typical reasons why submissions may be invalid include:

  • Student identified him or herself with something unidentifiable, such as numerals or "test."
  • Student chose something other than "F12 Practice exam" on the Course menu, such as a real class.

If you see your submission on the "Wrong" list on ExamTracker, you must submit a valid practice test.

For more information, see Exam4 Essentials for Fall 2012.