Spring 2013 Registration: Bioethics

Professor Mark Rothstein asked that the following be circulated to the student body regarding the Bioethics seminar being offered in the Spring 2013 semester:

Bioethics considers numerous interesting and contentious issues -- and law plays an important part in virtually all of them. This seminar, which satisfies the seminar, writing, and perspectives requirements, will address the following issues: research ethics, physician-patient relations, informed consent, health privacy, genetics, reproductive health, pediatrics, infectious diseases, public health ethics, emerging biomedical technologies, end-of-life issues, health disparities, and health care reform. There are no prerequisites for the seminar.

For Spring 2013, readings will deal with a variety of contemporary issues in bioethics, including:

1)      The threats to informational health privacy of electronic health records
2)      The medical and ethical appropriateness of genetic testing in research and clinical settings, including newborn  screening and
3)      Access to health care and eliminating health disparities in light of the Affordable Care Act, regardless of its fate in 2013.

Students will have an opportunity to explore a range of dynamic and emerging issues in their papers.