Law Library Acquires "Other People’s Money"

In commemoration of the 156th anniversary of the birth of Louis D. Brandeis, law librarian Kurt Metzmeier, has donated a rare first edition copy of Brandeis’ famous 1914 best-seller Other People’s Money to the law library. While the law library has other copies of this work, including one once owned by Brandeis himself, the donated version is particularly rare because it still has the original dust-jacket.

“In years of book collecting,” Metzmeier notes, “I have only seen one copy of this work that still had its simple utilitarian dust-jacket—and this is it.”

Dust jackets in this era were often discarded so they always add to the monetary value of a rare book, but their greatest value is the historical feeling of seeing them as they first appeared in book stores.

“I was especially excited to pursue and purchase this book and I think our visitors will also enjoy seeing it.”

Everyone deserves a birthday present, even Louis Brandeis.