A Note Regarding the Posting of Fall Semester Grades

Please be aware that the law school's process for posting grades has changed.  Grades for the fall semester will be released as they are entered, beginning December 14 through December 28, the final date for professors to enter grades into the University computer system.  You may view your grades by signing in to ULink and checking your transcript. 

Because professors are responsible for entering grades, you will not see all your fall semester grades posted at the same time, as in the past.   Grades will be posted daily as they are entered, beginning on December 14.  Please be patient.  If you prefer to see all your grades at the same time, wait until December 29 to view your transcript.  Please do not contact your professors or the Student Records Office to inquire about your grades or when they will be posted. 
If you used an incorrect exam number for one or more of your exams, the posting of your grade(s) will be delayed, and you will see a grade of “X” listed on your transcript.  You must wait until the law school re-opens in January for your grade to be posted.  Only then will the Student Records Office be able to help the professor identify the correct exam number and post the correct grade.  This may take several weeks.  Please be patient, and please do not contact professors to resolve this problem, as they do not have access to the anonymous exam IDs.  Any delay in grade posting will not affect the class rankings for the semester, as Fall class rankings are not calculated until several weeks into the Spring semester.