Opportunities to Meet with Students

There are many opportunities to meet with students from the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law.

Fall and Spring On Campus Interviews are held each semester if you are interested in hiring a law clerk or intern during the summer or academic year or a full-time employee or associate after graduation. You can interview candidates at the law school. Please contact us if you are interested in conducting an on-campus interview.

If you are interested in posting a position, you may do so here.

Once you receive information from candidates, you can contact them directly.

We also welcome your experience and expertise. If there is an area of practice that you are interested in communicating to our students, we would be glad to discuss that with you.

We are looking for individuals to mentor one (or more) of our students. Please contact us if that is something you would be interested in.

We also encourage our students to request informational interviews with attorneys who practice in an area they are interested in. If you receive an e-mail or call from one of our students requesting a meeting, it would be extremely helpful if you could share your knowledge, contacts and resources to assist our students in their career search.

Please share any suggestions or comments with us.