Journal of Animal and Environmental Law (JAEL)

The Journal of Animal and Environmental Law (JAEL) is  a student run and peer-reviewed online publication  focused on presenting multidisciplinary perspectives on animal and environmental issues.

The Journal of Animal and Environmental Law was founded in 2009 by a group of students and faculty with passion for increasing awareness and scholarship in the budding areas of animal and environmental law. Today, JAEL is only journal at the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law to publish its content exclusively online and is leading the way in using a variety of social media platforms to increase scholarship and awareness to pertinent legal issues. JAEL’s goal is to become an essential resource for judges, lawyers, teachers, and school administrators on matters relating to animal and environmental law. New journal members are J.D. candidates selected based upon their writing skills, research ability and interest in JAEL, environmental law and animal law. Applications for membership will be sent out via the Daily Docket and Student Organization E-mails in the spring around Spring Break. 

 2014-2015 Editorial Board

Editor-In-Chief - Adrienne Anne Stonecypher

 Managing Editor - Eric Proctor

Articles Editor – Jen Pence

Articles Editor – Kathryn Cross

Notes Editor – Dale Hardy

Notes Editor –Bailey Schrupp

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