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Moot Court Board Now Accepting Applications for 2012-2013 Board

The Brandeis School of Law Moot Court Board is now accepting applications for the 2012-2013 academic year.


MCB plans and manages external and internal moot court, mock trial, and professional skills competitions at the Brandeis School of Law.  MCB members organize and administer the Pirtle-Washer Competition, First-Year BLS Oral Arguments, First-Year Oral Advocacy Competition, and any moot court competitions the Brandeis School of Law hosts during the year.  In addition, each MCB member acts as a facilitator for a moot court team or competition.  Each member is expected to fully participate in planning and carrying out all MCB events.

Any interested persons should submit their completed application, resume, and Waiver and Release form by May 9th at 9:00 p.m.  Please see the attached application for more information.  Note that the completed Waiver and Release should be submitted to the folder on the MCB door, or electronically.

For any further questions or information, please contact any of the Executive Board members: Paige Hamby, Courtney Pawley, Ashley Haile, Pete Lay, or Luke Markushewski.

MCB Congrats!

Congratulations to the new board and thank you so much to the outgoing board's hard work this year.

The outgoing board is beyond pleased with the incoming group and we look forward to passing the Moot Court Board torch to:

President: Paige Hamby
Vice President of Internal Competitions: Courtney Pawley
Vice President of External Competitions: Luke Markushewski
Vice President of Communications: Pete Lay
Vice President of Administration: Ashley Haile

Good luck in the upcoming year!

First Year Oral Advocacy Competition Champion

Congratulations to Lacey Gullett for winning the Final Round of the First Year Oral Advocacy Competition this past Friday, April 13.  After a close round with Mia Walters, Ms. Gullett was named this year's First Year Oral Advocacy Champion.  Congratulations to Ms. Gullett, and all the competitors, and thanks to all who made this year's competition such a success!

First Year Oral Advocacy Competition Semi-Final Round

The Quarter-Final round of the First Year Oral Advocacy Competition was a close contest, with four competitors advancing to Thursday evening's Semi-Final round. All eight competitors were praised for their poise and preparation by the judging panel, made up of UofL alumni Marilyn Osborn Patterson, Barry Dunn, Andrew Palmer, and Jason Nemes. In Thursday's Semi-Final Rounds, Mia Walters and Sean Dennis argued at 5:30 p.m. in the Allen Courtroom, followed by Lacey Gullett and Jon Hollan at 6:15 p.m. One competitor from each round advanced to Friday's Final at 2:00 p.m.

First Year Oral Argument Competition

Attention 1Ls

Do you like money? Do you want a chance to practice your oral advocacy skills? If you answered yes to both, then the First Year Oral Advocacy competition is for you! The competition will run from April 9th through April 13th, and you'll get the opportunity to argue in front of practicing attorneys and judges. Plus you can win CASH PRIZES! Preliminary rounds will be on brief, so no additional preparation is necessary.

The sign up sheet is posted on the Moot Court Board room door. Please sign up by Thursday, April 5th at 8:00 PM. Be sure to sign up!

MCB Congrats!

Congratulations to Amber Gratz, Denise Hall, and Leah Smith for representing the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law in the Wagner Labor and Employment Law Moot Court competition in New York City last weekend. The team advanced to the octo-final rounds, coming in fifth of 46 teams after three preliminary rounds. This is the second time in 36 years a Brandeis team has advanced in this competition, and the members all received positive feedback on their command of the record and passion for their clients. A special thank you to all the faculty, staff, and local practitioners who helped make the team's competition a great success.

MCB Congrats!

The MCB congratulates Nicholas Lococo and Seth Breslin on their performance at the Mardi Gras Sports Law Invitational at Tulane Law School in New Orleans, LA.  While the team did not advance to the semifinals, it received positive feedback from judges and represented our school well in the competition.

Congrats Kaufman Memorial Securities Law Team

Congratulations to Nathan Fort, Taylor Gerlach and Victoria O'Grady for representing the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law in the Kaufman Memorial Securities Law Competition in New York City last weekend.  The team admirably represented the law school, and though they did not advance to the quarterfinals, the competition's judges complimented the team on their excellent preparation and thorough knowledge of the law relating to the competition's case.  A special thank you to all the faculty, staff, and local practitioners who helped make the team's competition a great success.

Congrats National Trial Competition Team

Please join the MCB in congratulating Samantha Constantine and Thomas Stevens on their performance at the 37th Annual National Trial Competition in Austin, Texas, one of the most prestigious and competitive mock trial competitions in the nation.  Samantha and Thomas advanced to the National Competition after winning the regional competition in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 
During Round 1 of the National Trial Competition, Samantha and Thomas defeated Washington University School of Law.  During Round 2, the team faced Hofstra University School of Law, and lost the round by one point.  During the third round of the competition, Samantha and Thomas were power-matched against Loyola University School of Law, the 2010 champion.  The winner of Round 3 would advance to the quarterfinals.  Unfortunately, the round was close and Loyola advanced. 
Although they did not win the national competition, Samantha and Thomas finished in the top 20 of more than 300 teams that competed.  We are so proud of their representation of the Law School at the competition.  Samantha and Thomas each devoted more than 150 hours inside and out the courtroom preparing for the regional and national competitions.  The team and coaches would also like to thank all the law students who volunteered to serve as witnesses during practices, sometimes staying until midnight. We appreciate your support!

Congrats Wagner Moot Court Team

Amber Gratz, Denise Hall, and Leah Smith came in 5th of 46 teams after three preliminary rounds at the 36th Annual Robert F. Wagner Labor and Employment Law Competition. They advanced to the Octo-final rounds, and law school folklore is that we have been attending this competition for 36 years and only once before advanced.