Student Bar Association News

2012-2013 SBA Officers

Congratulations to the following students who have been elected as the 2012-2013 SBA officers:

President - Jacob Giesecke

Vice President - J. Brandon Johnson

Secretary - James Hafley

Treasurer - Paul Bradford

Social Chair - Christy Ferko

Career Services Chair - Dani Smith

Public Service Chair - Tara Skaggs

Public Relations Char - Jessica Williamson

ABA Rep - Derek Miles

Fundraising Chair - Erica Wood

SGA Rep - Shawn Spalding

3L Class Rep - Erin Kimla

2L Class Reps - Billy Avery and Gayle Johnson

3L Honor Council Reps - Paul Bradford and Shawn Spalding

2L Honor Council Reps - Kaitlyn Jones and Jessica Williamson; Tara Skaggs - Alternate


ABA Student Membership

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Join the nearly 40,000 law students who are leveraging their ABA memberships to prepare for successful careers.  Enroll today by visiting or or call 800-285-2221 and mention code RMM12ELSA.

Graduation Apparel

The deadline for ordering graduation apparel is THIS SATURDAY, March 31st.  Please be sure to order your apparel by this deadline.

Football Tickets Remain for Fall Season

There are 6 remaining Football Only tickets for next year's season.  Each law student is entitled to 2 tickets and they are available on a first come, first serve basis.  The price of each ticket is $72.  Email Kristie Wetterer ( if you would like any of the remaining tickets.

SBA Elections - Vote Today

SBA Election Polls are officially open.  Voting began this morning at 8:00 AM and will continue through tomorrow (Thursday, March 29th) at 5:00 PM.  To vote, log onto TWEN and you will be enrolled in a class entitled either "1L Students - SBA Voting", "2L Students - SBA Voting", or "3L/4L Students - SBA Voting".  Click on the link to that class, and then click on the "Customized Polling" link in the menu on the left.  There will then be a link to the ballot.  If you have any questions, please email Kristie Wetterer ( or Katie Bennett (  Thanks for voting and good luck to all of the candidates!


Candidates:  Be sure to turn in your expenditure form by Noon tomorrow (Thursday, March 29th) to Kristie Wetterer - either in person or in her mailbox.  

In-House Counsel Panel Hosted by the Newly Formed Business Law Society

The newly formed Business Law Society is holding it's inagural event this Monday, April 2nd, from 11:30 to 1:00pm. An impressive panel has been invited to discuss business law, the role of the corporate lawyer, what makes a business lawyer tick, what clients are looking for, how to get into this area of law, and so on.

Matthew Hamel (Executive VP and General Counsel at Brown Forman)
Raymond Burse (Vice President and General Counsel at GE)
John Rippy (Senior VP at Republic Bank
Jeffry Gordon (General Counsel at Sun Tan City)
Shawn Bailey (VP at Churchill Downs Incorporatated)

Lunch will be served, and prospective members will also receive information on becoming involved with the Business Law Society. The event's facebook page can be found here: <>

SBA Elections - Voting Process

The voting for the 2012-2013 SBA Elections will be conducted via TWEN.  Voting opens on Wednesday, March 28th at 8:00am and closes Thursday, March 29th at 5:00pm.  Each student will be added to the necessary class on TWEN.  All you will have to do is click on the class and then on the "Customized Polling" option on the left side of the page.  This will take you directly to the ballot.  If you have any problems voting or have any questions, please email the TWEN Administrators on the page: Katie Bennett ( or Kristie Wetterer (

Below is the Unofficial Ballot:

President: Jacob Giesecke

Vice President: Colten Biro and J. Brandon Johnson

Secretary: James Hafley and Ronald Morton

Treasurer: Paul Bradford

Social Chair: Christy Ferko and Josh Waldrop

Career Services Chari: Dani Smith

Public Service Chari: Tara Skaggs

Public Relations Chair: Greg Finch and Jessica Williamson

ABA Representative: Derek Miles

Fundraising Chair: Erica Wood

Technology Chair: No candidates

SGA Representatives (2): Shawn Spalding

Third Year Class Representatives (2): Erin Kimla

Second Year Class Representatives (2): Billy Avery and Gayle Johnson

Honor Council - Third Year Representatives (3 Elected, 2 Alternates): Paul Bradford and Shawn Spalding

Honor Council - Second Year Representatives (2 Elected, 1 Alternate): Billy Avery, Gayle Johnson, Kaitlyn Jones, Tara Skaggs, Jessica Williamson, and Erica Wood


Graduation Apparel: The DEADLINE is Approaching!

The University of Louisville's Louis D. Brandeis School of Law 2012 convocation ceremony will be held Saturday, May 12, at 5:00 p.m. at The Brown Theatre (315 W. Broadway).  All May 2012, August 2012, and December 2012 graduates are welcome to participate in the ceremony. August 2011 and December 2011 graduates may also participate. 


If you are planning to attend the School of Law Convocation at the The Brown Theatre, you must order your graduation apparel by midnight, Saturday, March 31, 2012

You must know your school/college, the correct name of your degree and major, and all sizes to fit the robe. Style, colors, and trim are determined by the University of Louisville according to standards for academic apparel. Your tassel color and hood is determined by the degree you will be awarded. 

After submitting your order, you will receive a thank you-confirmation page with your order number. Your confirmation number is your proof of purchase, so please have the number available when picking up your apparel. The Red Barn distribution staff will have a complete list of orders. You must have a valid debit or credit card to order your apparel.

JD - Custom Rental – Tam, Gown, Tassel, and Hood $87.90 + tax


The School of Law has coordinated with the Balfour Company to create a customized law school graduation announcement. The University of Louisville's seal will be gold engraved on the front of the announcement with your name and degree printed inside.  The price list is available on the Balfour web site. You may order your announcements by visiting the Balfour Web site and select Find Your School to see the available graduation announcement packages, or contacting Balfour at 800-BALFOUR (800-225-3687).

Law school graduation announcements are available only through Balfour. They cannot be ordered through the University of Louisville or the Brandeis School of Law.


The law school has made arrangements with the Brown Hotel for hotel rooms during graduation.  The rooms will be $139/night plus tax for deluxe guest rooms from May 11 -  May 13.  Parking is an additional $20 per night.  Please refer to the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law when making reservations.  Be sure to pass this information along to any family or friends you may have visiting from out of town.

Barbri Table - TODAY!

BARBRI’s last table day of the year is today and we want to have some fun!  The table will be open from 10-5:30 and we’ll have lots of goodies to give away so stop by!

3Ls – stop by the table to pay off your balance and get a chance to win a $250 gift certificate.  Increase your chances of winning by giving the BARBRI AMP software a test drive!

2Ls – stop by the table and bring your balance to $250 and get a chance to win an Apple iTouchtm. You can also increase your chances of winning by giving the BARBRI AMP software a test drive!

1Ls – have you not enrolled yet?! If not, enroll tomorrow and we’ll get you ready to study for finals! If you are enrolled, we’ll be giving you a chance to win an Apple iTouchtm just for being enrolled!

Last Day to Sign up for Student Tickets is Today

If you wish to sign up for 2012-2013 Student Tickets for Basketball and Football, today (Thursday) is the last day to do so.  You must sign your name on the sheet on the SBA Office door by 5:00pm.  Please see the attached documents for more details regarding the tickets.