Student Bar Association News

Free Massages During Finals - April 27 and May 4

Massages will be provided to law students on Wednesday, April 27 and Wednesday, May 4 from 9:00am - 6:00pm.  Therapists from Advanced Massage will be located in the Pirtle Washer Lounge throughout the day.  There will be a female therapist available from 9:00am - 6:00pm and a male therapist available from 12:30m - 3:30pm.  There will be a sign-up sheet posted on the door with the time slots available.  Please email Kristie Wetterer ( with any questions.  Good luck on finals!

Extra Student Tickets - First-come, first-served

After the student ticket lottery, there are still a few remaining tickets for next year's athletic events.  The tickets will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis by emailing Kristie Wetterer (  There is 1 combination ticket left (both football and basketball).  The cost of the ticket is $210.  Please be aware that only 1 ticket is left (not 2 tickets which would allow you to take a guest to the games).  There are also 7 football only tickets remaining.  Each student is allowed to order 2 football only tickets.  The cost for each football only ticket is $72 ($144 for 2).  Students who already received tickets through the lottery are not eligible to buy more tickets.  Once you send your e-mail to Kristie Wetterer requesting tickets, she will respond to you and let you know whether or not you received the tickets and will coordinate a time to pick up the voucher.  If you want tickets, send the email now! 

Locker Return - Graduating 3Ls and 4Ls

Graduating 3Ls and 4Ls need to return their locks to the Resource Center in order to receive their deposit back.  Please do so by the end of finals on Friday, May 6. 

Student Season Tickets: Football and Basketball

The results of the season tickets lottery are attached to this post.  The results will also be posted on the SBA office door (Rm. 245).  If you were chosen in the lottery, please come by the SBA office and pick up your student season tickets voucher.  Kristie Wetterer, your new SBA President, will be in the office today from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm and Wednesday from 10:30am – 5:15pm.  Once you receive your voucher, take it to the ticket office in the SAC.  They will be able to help you out from there.  You have until April 29 to redeem your voucher.  The cost of the combination tickets is $210 and the football only season tickets is $72 and you will not be required to pay until you present your voucher at the ticket office.  More information will be provided to you when you pick your voucher up.  

Hooding Professors Part 2

Graduating students, the following professors received the most votes on our TWEN poll last week:

1. Prof. Abramson

2. Prof. Leibson 

3. Prof. Powell

4. Prof. Milligan 

5. Profs. Laura Rothstein & Giesel (tie)

Starting today on TWEN, you will be able to vote for the three professors out of this group that will hood you at graduation.  If you participated in the voting last week, then you do not have to add the "Hooding Professors" course again.  Just follow the same steps to vote that you followed last week.  If you did not add the course last week and would like to participate in the voting, then go to TWEN and add the course "Hooding Professors."  After that, click on customized polling, which will be located on the left side of the screen. From there you can select three professors. Then click "finish poll" which is on the top right of the screen.  Voting will end at 5 p.m. Friday, April 22.  If you have any further questions, please contact Daniel Cameron (

2011-2012 SBA Election Results

Please see the updated SBA Official Election Results at the following link:

Law Student Ticket Lottery

Students, our annual sports tickets lottery will take place next week.  This year the law school received 62 combination (football and basketball) season tickets and 19 football only season tickets.  In preparation of the lottery, a sign-up sheet will be placed on the SBA office door (Rm. 245) at 12 p.m. today.  There will be two columns.  Under one column you will be able to sign up for combination season tickets and under the other column you will be able to sign up for football only season tickets.  Please sign up either for football only or combination tickets, not both.  By your name please state whether you want one or two sets of tickets for you and a guest.  You are allowed to sign up for two sets of combination season tickets (you and one guest), meaning that if you are selected in the lottery to receive tickets then you and your guest’s tickets count as two against the 62 (therefore 60 will be left).  The same applies for football only tickets. 

The sign-up sheet will stay up until 5 p.m. Friday, April 15 and the lottery will take place this weekend.  The results will be posted by 12 p.m. on Monday, April 25. On Tuesday, April 26 ticket vouchers will be available in the SBA office for students that are selected in the lottery.  Those vouchers allow you to go pick up your tickets at the student ticket office in the Student Activities Center (SAC) and they will be available for pickup until April 29. The cost of the combination tickets is $210 and the football only season tickets is $72 and you will not be required to pay until you present your voucher at the ticket office.  If selected, more information will be given to you when you pick your vouchers up from the SBA office.  If you have any questions or want me to place your name on the sign-up sheet, please feel free to send me an email (

3L Graduation Information: Hooding Professors

Graduating students,

It's time to choose who you want to hood you at the graduation ceremony.  To do this, add the course "Hooding Professors" on TWEN.  Once you've added the course, click on "customized polling" which will be located on the left side of the screen. From there you can select three professors.  Then click "finish poll" which is on the top right of the screen.  The poll will stay open until 5 pm Friday, April 15.  The five professors with the highest vote totals will then be voted on next week and three will be selected from that group to do the hooding.



Daniel Cameron 

Message from SBA Rules and Election Committee

If anyone wants to file an election challenge please do so by 12 noon, April 9.  Please remember that anyone can file an election challenge.  Direct all election challenges to Ashley Wiggins by email (

First Year Oral Advocacy Competition Finals

The final round of the Oral Advocacy Competition is set for Friday, April 8 at 1:00 p.m. in the Allen Courtroom.  The opening round started with over fifty competitors and the final two are Jamie Jackson (Appellant) and Brittany Hampton (Appellee).  They will argue before Judge Danny Boggs of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, Judge Kelly Mark Easton of Hardin Circuit Court, and Judge Pamela Addington of Hardin Family Court.  Please stick around the law school an extra hour or two on Friday afternoon to watch the finals.  Congratulations to Jamie and Brittany for advancing.