Student Health Law Association

The Student Health Law Association is a student organization at the Brandeis School of Law for anyone who wants more information about the field of health law as well as those interested in networking with individuals in this field around the Louisville area. Founded in the spring semester of 2007, this association was created to help students interested in pursuing the study or practice of Health Law. Dean Tim Hall serves as faculty sponsor.

Current Officers 2013-2014

President - Kellie Davis

Executive Vice President - Steve Daugherty

Vice President of Event Planning - Henry Gunter

Vice President of Fundraising - Benjamin Siegel

Vice President of Communications - Erica Crane

Secretary - Jeremy Vizcarra

Treasurer - Mitch Jackson

Founding Members:

  • Bryan Armstrong
  • Will Corrigan
  • Rob DeWees
  • Natalie Etienne
  • Lucy Evans
  • N. Beth Hite
  • Karin Moore Irwin
  • Nathan Knopf
  • Jeff Nicoson
  • Megan Reese
  • Tyson Schroeder
  • Rebecca Simms
  • Chad Thomas
  • Emily Zahn