Administration and Staff


Academic Affairs

Timothy S. Hall
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor of Law


Margaret B. Bratcher
Administrative Associate
Tracie L. Cole
Director, Law Resource Center
Susan Duncan
Interim Dean and Professor of Law
Jon-Paul Moody
Unit Business Manager Sr
Rita E. Siegwald
Administrative Assistant
Janet K. Sullivan
Executive Secretary
Rebecca B. Wimberg
Assistant to the Dean


Angela L. Beverly
Admissions Coordinator
Henry M. Cantu
Assistant Dean for Admissions
Camilo M. Ortiz
Admissions Counselor

Alumni and Development

Wendy Helterbran
Sr. Development Associate


Ross Bradley
Graphics Director

Information Technology

Christie Ballenger
User Support Manager
James A. Becker
Assistant Dean for Information Technology
Michael R. Hicks
Workstation & Server Manager

Law Clinic

Simone R. Beach
Assistant Director and Attorney at Law
Shelley M. Santry
Law Clinic Director and Assistant Professor of Law

Law Library

Jodi E. Duce
Unit Business Manager
David L. Minton
Library Specialist
Janissa K. Moore
Circulation Manager
Jerome N. Neukirch
Circulation Assistant
Marcus Walker
Library Assistant

Professional Development

Laurel A. Hajek
Assistant Dean for Professional Development
Debra K. Reh
Career Services Coordinator
Jina A. Scinta
Program Assistant III

Student Life

Kimberly K. Ballard
Assistant Dean for Student Life
Laura B. Grubbs
Director, Academic Success Program
Barbara A. Thompson
Director of Student Records