Winter Weather and Law Exams

We hope that everyone is having a successful exam season.  Unfortunately, wintry weather is forecast for the next few days of our exam period.  Many of you are concerned about the potential effects of bad weather on our exams.  We understand that law students take exam preparation seriously, and that any changes to the exam schedule will cause inconvenience.    We very much hope that the weather will have no effect on your exams.  However, the weather is not a factor we can control, and we also want to take every precaution to ensure your safety.  With that in mind, here are the guidelines that we will follow for the remainder of the exam period.

 First, remember that the law school follows the University in making bad weather determinations.  Although the undergraduate parts of the University are still in classes, not exams, we will still follow their lead.  

If the University announces that the start of classes or the opening of offices is delayed, then any morning exams will begin at the delayed start time.  For instance, if the University announces that classes will begin at 10am, then any exams scheduled for 9am will begin at 10am.    This will not shorten exam times.  If a delayed start to morning exams requires afternoon exams to be delayed, we will make every effort to notify affected faculty and students as soon as practicable via email.

If the University announces that evening classes are canceled, then any evening (6pm) exams scheduled on that day are canceled and will be rescheduled for the next available make-up exam slot.

If the University announces that an entire day of classes are canceled, then any exams scheduled for that day will be canceled and make-up dates and times will be announced as soon as practicable via email.

If any students have conflicts with a rescheduled exam, or other obligations that will make taking the exam at the rescheduled time impracticable, please contact the office of Assistant Dean Kimberly Ballard to discuss the possibility of a make-up exam.  Decisions about make-up exams will be made on an individual basis.

We encourage all students to sign up for the University's RAVE Alert system at  This will ensure that you have information about the University's decisions as soon as possible.

In addition, if severe weather occurs over the weekend when there are no exams scheduled, it is possible that the law library may have to close early.  Any such decision will be made by the Law Library Director in the best interests of students and staff, and notice of any closure will be posted on the law library website as soon possible after the decision is made.


Finally, we recognize that some of you have commutes to campus that may pose unique challenges.  If you feel that you cannot safely make it to the law school for a scheduled exam, please contact Assistant Dean Kimberly Ballard or Associate Dean Tim Hall to discuss your situation.