Wendy Helterbran

Sr. Development Associate

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In my development career I have had the fortunate experience of seeing contributions made by others bring visions to life.   Sometimes, these visions have been tangible and more obvious, other times,  less concrete and grounded in the dream for a better  human experience.  Either way, it is hard to deny the impact of human generosity. 

Lee Iacocca once said, "I was fortunate to get a scholarship when I went to Lehigh University and Princeton.  They were both wonderful schools. Somebody was kind enough to spend their money to educate people that they would never get to know.  That's what I think philanthropy is all about."  German writer and poet Wolfgang Von Goethe was perhaps more poetic in his remark about philanthropy:  "The deed is everything; the glory naught."   Each day I am surrounded by students whose academic opportunity  and educational experiences have been made possible by private donors and who, without this support,  may not have ever had the chance  to achieve  their educational aspirations and later, professional successes.     I am quickly reminded of my own humble beginnings and the college education I received.   Had it not been for the generosity of others,  that experience would have remained a young  girl's dream.

In these turbulent  times  we face  financial uncertainty and challenges  that can impact both the quality of and accessibility to education. Yet, two things remain certain:   the thirst for knowledge remains unchanged and the value of a quality education is priceless.  My work in Advancement helps to bridge donors with our mission of ensuring  faculty and staff have the resources to deliver  a top quality educational experience to students, and students t walk away as graduates who have a sense of purpose, accomplishment and desire to keep this legacy alive.

Your gift does make a difference!  And there is no better time than now to make one.  I applaud our past and present donors and invite those of you have not made a gift to consider making one today.      

Wendy Helterbran
Sr. Development Officer
Brandeis School of Law
The University of Louisville