Juris Doctor / Master of Business Administration

The JD/MBA program is offered jointly by the College of Business and the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law. The fields of law and business are complex and dynamic, and there is significant interaction between the two. The JD/MBA dual degree program provides students with a broad base of knowledge and skills in both areas. Students completing the program will have a unique advantage in today's competitive marketplace and a strong foundation for future success. Applicants must be admitted independently to both the MBA program at the College of Business and the School of Law. Students must also be admitted to the dual degree program by each school.

Students may begin the dual degree program in either the College of Business or the School of Law. In the first year of law study, however, the participating student may take only law classes. In the following three year period (possibly shorter), the student may combine business and law courses. Nine (9) hours of approved coursework from each program can be counted as electives in the other program. Thus, students will complete 81 hours in the School of Law (instead of the usual 90), substituting MBA courses for remaining nine hours. In the MBA curriculum, the College of Business waives the second year MBA electives (nine hours) and allows the student to substitute nine hours of law classes. Students thus take 39 hours in the MBA curriculum (instead of the normal 48).

To earn a dual degree, law students must be admitted to the dual degree program and apply to the MBA program prior to completing the first semester of the second year of law school. MBA students must be admitted to the dual degree program and apply to the School of Law prior to completing 18 credit hours of MBA course work.

Upon admission to both schools and the program, the student should work with academic advisors from both schools to develop a schedule for his or her course of study. Careful curriculum planning is required for the JD/MBA degree. Some courses are sequenced or have pre-requisites and must be taken in a specific order; certain MBA courses must be taken in the summer; and the student may need to take some summer law classes to complete the program in four years. In addition, the School of Law limits the number of credit hours a student may take in any one semester. It is the student’s responsibility to monitor and update the course of study as needed.

Students must complete the requirements for both degrees before either degree is awarded.

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