Juris Doctor / Master of Urban Planning

The dual MUP/JD program recognizes the values of interdisciplinary study and encourages students having an interest in both law and urban planning to pursue these degrees simultaneously. The dual MUP/JD program brings together two academic units critical to advancing the University's metropolitan-oriented mission in teaching, research, and service to the community.Students who participate in the dual program may reduce the aggregate credit hour requirement by 21 hours and earn JD and MUP degrees in approximately four calendar years.AdmissionA student planning to pursue both degrees must submit a separate application and must be admitted to both the MUP degree program and the Brandeis School of Law. Applicants should be aware that separate admissions tests may be required, and that separate admissions criteria will be applied. Applicants should consult the admissions requirements of each academic program. A student who is already enrolled in the first year of one program may apply to the other program and, if admitted to that program, begin the first-year of the second program in the following academic year.CurriculumStudents may begin the dual degree program in either the MUP program or the Brandeis School of Law. In the first year of study, the participating student will follow the full-time academic schedule of the program in which the student enrolls first. In the second year, the student willcomplete the first-year coursework in the other program. After completion of first-year curricula in both programs, the student may combine law and urban planning courses; however, careful curriculum planning is required. Some courses in each school are sequenced or have pre-requisites and must be taken in a specific order.The student must complete all the graduation requirements of each school to be awarded the degreefrom that school, including upper level required courses in both schools, the Planning Internship and Capstone Studio requirements in urban planning, and the public service requirement in the Brandeis School of Law.Degree Completion and GraduationStudents may find it necessary to complete some of their coursework during the summer in order to finish both programs in four calendar years. Students shall not be awarded either degree until the completion of both programs. For more information about the joint JD. - MUP degree and about the MUP degree generally, please visit the website of the University of Louisville's School of Urban and Public Affairs.