From the Cardinal Lawyer mailbag: Fan mail for Simone Beach

Herewith some fan mail for Simone Beach, received this week by my office:

Dear Dean Chen:

Kentucky Supreme Court

I wanted to write you to let you know what an asset you have in Ms. Simone Beach, Administrative Associate. I had the pleasure of working with Simone during the recent Supreme Court oral arguments held in the Allen Courtroom.

My office, the Office of Victims Advocacy, has been working with the victims of Michael Carneal for some time. When I was notified that several of the victims wished to attend the oral argument I phoned the law school for general information and was put in touch with Simone. I told her that the victims wished to attend and expressed several concerns to her, including the need for privacy from the press. Simone was very understanding to our needs and provided us with an empty classroom far from the media where the victim advocates and appellate attorneys were able to meet with and brief the victims before and after the arguments. She made an extremely difficult situation tolerable for the surviving family members and survivors of the shootings at Heath High School. We are all very appreciative of her efforts.


Nicole H. Pang ('92)
Executive Director
Office of Victims Advocacy