The Law Clinic Six

Clinic 6

The inaugural class of students in the University of Louisville Law Clinic:
Dustin Thacker, Becca O'Neill, Chad Reid, Christopher McDavid, Caroline Lynch Pieroni, and Amy Jay.
Photo credit: Robert Pieroni.

According to the immediate assessment of those in attendance, the open house and reception celebrating the University of Louisville Law Clinic was one of the most successful events of its kind in the history of the Law School. Students, graduates, faculty, staff, and friends of the Law School mingled very happily with each other in support of one of this school's most prominent initiatives. The Law School's news feed already includes a photo spread from the open house and reception. That story illustrates how the Law Clinic has brought together all of the Law School's constituencies in support of a fantastic common cause: teaching students through hands-on legal work on behalf of actual clients in need.

Real clients, real cases. Real problems, real solutions. In a nutshell, that is what our clinic seeks to accomplish.

Stewart Pope and Lars Smith

I add this story to the body of reporting on the clinic in order to emphasize one point. The primary beneficiaries of any law clinic are the students who work in it. Dustin Thacker, Becca O'Neill, Chad Reid, Christopher McDavid, Caroline Pieroni, and Amy Jay — all depicted above — represent our inaugural class of clinic students. Their accomplishments stand among the finest recorded during this academic year. These students showed their appreciation to their instructors, Stewart Pope (advocacy director at the Legal Aid Society of Louisville) and Professor Lars Smith, by giving them framed copies of the picture above. I am pleased to share that picture with the readership of The Cardinal Lawyer.

Our clinic students also brought friends and families to the open house and reception. The presence of family members, in particular, reminds us that all of the educational experiences we provide have a profound impact on our students' loved ones. Depicted below are Law Clinic student Caroline Lynch Pieroni and her family: Jennifer Lynch Nickel, Mark Nickel, David Lynch, Julia Lynch, Caroline Lynch Pieroni, and Robert Pieroni.