It's happening here

Red wallpaper The courage to question convention.
The passion to break new ground.
The insight to champion community.
The imagination to pursue the undiscovered.
The will to achieve greatness.
The promise of a limitless future.
The people to bring it to life.
It's Happening Here.
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It's happening here

The University of Louisville has unveiled its 2008 branding campaign. Our university has a new look, and soon the Law School's publications — conventional and electronic — will incorporate an entirely new set of graphics, fonts, and design conventions.

These are the terms by which our university has announced its new brand and its new look:

Over the past decade UofL was driven by the momentum of our Challenge for Excellence strategic plan and "dare to be great" branding campaign. Now the time has come for an even more ambitious strategic plan and business plan. We’re no longer daring to be great. We are great.

So we’ve unveiled a new look and a new tag line to go along with our new strategic plan. Both grew from the thoughts of people from every segment of campus and our broader communities who participated in one-on-one interviews, focus groups, workshops and meetings.

Their input was invaluable. They said UofL is a totally different university today than we were a decade ago and our brand should show that. They called us “rugged” and they encouraged — even expected — us to be bold.

“Everything that is happening at the best schools across the country also is happening here,” they said. So we borrowed their words for our new tag line and to drive the energy of our new look.

"It's Happening Here" tells everyone we have arrived.

And since this is The Cardinal Lawyer, which aims to be the richest, most visually intense experience in the admittedly circumscribed world of official academic weblogs, this brief introduction to the University of Louisville's branding campaign would not be complete without a set of embedded videos: