Thanks for a random act of kindness

This morning, the faculty and staff of the Law School received a plate of cookies from the Sigma Kappa Sorority. The sisters of Sigma Kappa attached this thoughtful note:

In honor of our week of giving, the sisters of Sigma Kappa Sorority would like to thank you for all you do. By inspiring and educating the students of the University of Louisville, you are creating our future and furthering the success of the graduates of UofL.

In turn, we thank the sisters of Sigma Kappa for their kindness. We appreciate all that you do for your fellow students and for our University.

Bourbon and bluegrass

The price of the sugar we eat

Continuing to blog from Fayetteville, Arkansas . . . .

Susan SchneiderProfessor Susan Schneider has very kindly posted an Agricultural Law item about my lecture to her agricultural finance class, based loosely on my article, Around the World in Eighty Centiliters.

I am very grateful for the hospitality extended to me during my stay in Fayetteville and for the opportunity to learn first-hand about the wonderful things that have happened at a law school that has grown by leaps and bound since I last visited twelve years ago as an instructor in Arkansas's graduate program in agricultural law.

The University of Louisville's Legal Studies Research Paper Series on SSRN

SSRNSubscribeI am extremely pleased to announce that the University of Louisville School of Law has initiated its Legal Studies Research Paper Series on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). Having our own SSRN series enables friends of the Law School to receive the latest updates on scholarship by our faculty.

The cathedral and the bazaar

Download the 96K .mp3 file  of Eric Raymond reading The Cathedral and the Bazaar. Or simply mash the "play" button above.

Part 2 of Law 2.0

This post represents a continuation of my earlier entry, Law 2.0. Because I am scheduled to take the stage in a few moments here at the University of Arkansas School of Law, this item will be necessarily short. I plan to return to it and elaborate my thoughts as time permits.

It suffices for the moment to invoke Eric Raymond's pathbreaking book, The Cathedral and the Bazaar. Raymond wrote specifically about the rise of Linux and open source software, but his observations have revolutionary implications far beyond software development. My specific claim is that the Law 2.0 environment, powered as it is by the democratization and diffusion of technology and legal expertise, is rapidly driving law and legal education from a centralized "cathedral" model of development to a decentralized "bazaar" model.

Law 2.0

Arkansas LawI will spend November 1 and 2 at the University of Arkansas School of Law. At the invitation of Dean Cyndi Nance, I will make a variety of presentations on subjects ranging from agricultural law to the current state of legal scholarship. I will discuss Beyond Food and Evil with students in food law and policy and Around the World in 80 Centiliters with students in agricultural finance and credit. If I can convince anyone to give me comments on a working paper of mine, Modeling Law Review Impact Factors as an Exponential Distribution, so much the better.

I am extremely pleased to be paying an official visit to Arkansas, where I taught classes in the LL.M. program in agricultural law during the mid-1990s. I am very happy that Fayetteville, an academic home away from home, will be the site of a new presentation I call Law 2.0.

The University of Louisville Law Faculty blog

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The Law School's faculty is blogging. Their thoughts are just one click away from The Cardinal Lawyer.

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Happy homecoming

All's well that ends well. Louisville 24, Pittsburgh 17. Watch the video:

Welcome to the first annual Conference on Law, Ethics, and the Life Sciences

Double helixNautilusSpiral staircase

Download the welcome address  to the University of Louisville's first annual Conference on Law, Ethics, and the Life Sciences. Or simply mash the "play" button above.

Welcome to the University of Louisville's first annual Conference on Law, Ethics, and the Life Sciences. This conference, the first of its kind to be staged on a regular, recurring basis, is dedicated to addressing all areas of law that engage the life sciences. Law engages the life sciences in a wide variety of contexts, including environmental law, natural resources law, agricultural law, food and drug law, biotechnology, law and neuroscience, behavioral psychology and evolutionary biology, health law, and bioethics. Too often these topics are addressed in isolation rather than together. By embracing all of these areas at once, this conference endeavors to restore the proper consilience to the study of law and the life sciences.