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Professor of Law and Distinguished University Scholar

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Laura Rothstein joined the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville as Professor of Law and Dean in 2000 (serving as dean until 2005).  During her 36 years in legal education, she has written fifteen books and dozens of book chapters, articles, and other works on disability discrimination, covering a broad range of issues, with an emphasis on disability discrimination in higher education. In addition to her work in disability law, she has worked to promote racial and gender diversity within legal education and the legal profession.  She has served in numerous leadership roles within legal education.

Professor Rothstein’s work to promote diversity and raise awareness on issues of disability, gender, and race has been recognized in recent awards.  These include the 2012 University of Louisville Award for Outstanding Scholarship, Research & Creative Activity; the 2011 William A. Kaplin Award for Excellence in Higher Education Law and Policy Scholarship, from the Center for Excellence in Higher Education Law and Policy, Stetson Law School; and the 2011 Women’s Law Association of Jefferson County Excellence in Achievement Award which honors significant contributions to the legal profession through involvement and dedication to the Women Lawyers Association and/or the Louisville Bar Association or promoting integrity and professionalism in the legal profession by example).  In 2010, she was elected to membership in the American Law Institute.  In 2008, she received the Brandeis School of Law Dean’s Service Award, recognizing her work in the law school’s partnership with Central High School.

She uses her scholarship as an “advocate through education” with the goal of influencing policy and practice by increasing awareness and understanding of disability rights and other diversity issues.

Courses Taught

Disability Law

Property Law




DISABILITY LAW:  CASES & MATERIALS (5th edition) (LEXIS Publishing Company 2010) Summer 2011 & Summer 2012 Supplement (with Ann C. McGinley) and TEACHER’S MANUAL

DISABILITIES AND THE LAW (Thomson/West Spring 2012) with Julia Irzyk (and cumulative editions)

DISABILITIES AND THE LAW (4th edition) (Thomson/West 2009) with Julia Rothstein * Biannual Cumulative Supplements

SPECIAL EDUCATION LAW (4th edition) (Sage Publications 2009) (with Scott F. Johnson) and web-based INSTRUCTOR RESOURCES (2009) (2013 edition in progress)

Book Chapters

Disability Rights, Encyclopedia of Diversity in Education (Sage Publications) (invited entry) (2011)

Southeastern Community College v. Davis, chapter in Education Stories, Michael Olivas & Ronna Schneider eds. (Foundation Press 2007)


“Reflections from an Era of Breaking Glass—1984-1998,” 80 UMKC Law Review 747-769 (2012) as part of symposium issue written by past chairs of the AALS Section of Women in Legal Education

“Shaping the Tributary – Why, What and How of Pipeline Programs to Increase Diversity in the Legal Profession,” 40 Journal of Law and Education 551-608 (October 2011)

“Disability Policy in Education Settings:  The Eisenhower Highway System as a Roadmap,” Conference Proceedings, Emerging Scholars Conference, 15th Anniversary of Chapman University, sponsored by Chapman University School of Law and School of Education, September 23, 2011

“Telescopes, Microscopes, and Crystal Balls:  Disability Discrimination Law and Policy in Higher Education:  How Those in Higher Education Can and Should Influence Policy,” paper presented at the National Conference on Law and Higher Education, the Center, Stetson University College of Law upon receiving the William A. Kaplin Award for Excellence in Higher Education Law and Policy Scholarship, February 7, 2011

“Higher Education and Students with Disabilities:  A Fifty Year Retrospective,” (symposium issue on the 50th Anniversary of NACUA), 36 Journal of College & University Law 846 (2010)

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“A Fifty Year Retrospective of Women in the Legal Profession:  Challenges and Perspectives:  Have We Come a Long Way?” Louisville Bar Association Bar Briefs 16-17 (July 2011)



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*Leadership Conference of Principals, (UTPB) July 2008, Odessa, Texas

University and Community Service

Service to Legal Education

Member, AALS Membership Committee (2006-2008)

Chair, Diversity Committee, ABA Section of Legal Education and Admission to the Bar (2004-2008); member (2002- present)

Member, ABA/LSAC Post Conference Pipeline Strategic Planning Group (2006)

Member, Law School Admissions Council Minority Affairs Committee (2005-2007)

Member, LSAC Disability Accommodations Workgroup (2006)

Member, ABA/LSAC Pipeline Strategic Planning Taskforce (2006)

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