Taking and Submitting an Exam4 Practice Test

Why is there an Exam4 practice test requirement?

The Exam4 practice test requirement is not a penalty or a pointless, arbitrary obligation. Extegrity regularly updates Exam4 to maintain its compatibility with computer operating systems that are themselves constantly updated by Microsoft and Apple. These frequent changes introduce opportunities for bugs or instability. By testing Exam4 on your computer at least once with each new version, you are reasonably assured that it and your computer will perform the way you need them to when it counts the most – during an exam.

Also, when problems do arise during the practice test period, by reporting them to the UofL Law Information Technology staff, you assist them in spotting patterns or trends, which they then report to Extegrity. This collective troubleshooting process can identify issues quickly, and give Extegrity the precise information they need to and resolve them before finals begin.

Taking and submitting an Exam4 practice test is five minutes that give you confidence that you won’t suffer a catastrophe during final exams.

Exam4 Requirements and Installation

Take and Submit an Exam4 Practice Test

  1. Start up Exam4 and at screen 1 > Start or save, select Prepare to start new exam.
  2. At screen 2 > Exam ID; Course, identify yourself in the Exam Number field with your ULink user name (see Figure 1).
    On the same screen, choose ___ Practice exam (twice) under Select the Event for this Course from both menus.
  3. At screen 3 > Exam time; Font size, ignore all of these options unless you want to test them for yourself.
  4. At screen 4 > Notice of instructions, check the Got it? box.
  5. At screen 5 > Exam Mode, check Check box to confirm Exam Mode is CLOSED.
  6. At screen 6 > Almost ready to begin exam…, confirm you have entered the information in step 2, above, correctly.
    Click Begin Exam.
  7. While in the Exam4 session, explore its menus and familiarize yourself with its features. End the exam session when you are done.
  8. You will then be prompted to choose among several options:
    • Submit Electronically
    • Save to USB Flash Drive
    • Save As…
    Click Submit Electronically (see Figure 2. Figure 2 is from the Mac version of Exam4 and may look a little different in Windows).
  9. When the exam server receives your submission, Exam4 generates a receipt and an Exam Submittal Successful message (see Figure 3).
    While this message does assure you that your practice test was submitted, it does not assure you that you identified yourself correctly or that you chose the right course.
    Check I understand, then OK and exit Exam4.

Practice Test Confirmation

After you successfully submit a valid Exam4 practice test, you will receive an automated e-mail message confirming your submission within about an hour. A successfully submitted, valid practice test meets three criteria:

  1. You identified yourself in the Exam Number field with your ULink user name (e.g., lhoswa01);
  2. You chose ___ Practice exam (twice) from the list of courses; and
  3. You submitted the practice test during the applicable practice test period.

If you submit a practice test and do not receive a confirmation e-mail message within a few hours, your practice test did not satisfy one or more of these three criteria and you have not satisfied the practice test requirement. Identify your error(s) and try again.