Support for Student-Owned Computing Devices

The law school IT Department can only provide limited support for law students’ computing devices, including laptop computers, tablets, smart phones, or other mobile devices. Support is limited to:

  • Installation, configuration and troubleshooting of applications specifically required or distributed free of charge by the law school, such as Exam4 and CALI exercises.
  • Connecting to the law school’s laptop printers.
  • Connecting to the University of Louisville’s secure wireless network, ulsecure. Any student wishing to connect his/her computer to the university’s wireless network is responsible for complying with applicable network standards promulgated by the University of Louisville Information Security Office governing Network Service and Workstation and Computing Devices.
  • Connecting to the law school’s laptop printers.

The law school IT Department does not support, repair or diagnose any student-owned hardware or operating system problems; and only supports those software applications named above. Students must obtain such support from their computer’s manufacturer, software vendors or private computer repair services. iTech Xpress, located in the Miller Information Technology Center (MITC) offers hardware and software repair under existing warranties, and, on a pay-for basis, for non-warranty work.