Chronology of the Life of Louis Dembitz Brandeis

1856 Born, Louisville, Ky., November 13.
1872 Brandeis family leaves Louisville for 3 year stay in Europe.
1873-1875 Schooling, Annen-Realschule, Dresden, Germany.
1875-1877 Harvard Law School, LLB.
1877-1878 Proctor, Harvard College; Graduate study, Harvard Law School.
1878-1879 In practice with James Taussig, St. Louis, Missouri.
1879-1897 In practice, Warren & Brandeis, Boston, Mass.
1882-1883 Taught course on Evidence at Harvard Law School.
1886 Prime mover in formation of Harvard Law School Association .
1890 "Right to Privacy" article written with Samuel D. Warren, in Harvard Law Review, 4 (Dec. 15, 1890) pp. 193-220.
1891 Married Alice Goldmark of New York City, March 23.
1892-1894 Gives course in Business Law at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
1893 Susan, first daughter born, February 27.
1894 Boston Board of Aldermen hearing, investigations of public charity institutions in Boston.
1896 Elizabeth, second daughter born, April 25.
1897-1916 Senior partner, Brandeis, Dunbar & Nutter, Boston.
1900-1902 Led fight for preservation of municipal subway systems (Washington Street Subway).
1900 Joined Edward A. Filene and others in formation of Public Franchise League.
1903 Helped organize Good Government Association.
1905-1907 Proposed and saw through Massachusetts legislature the Savings Bank Life Insurance plan.
1905 Speech "What Loyalty Demands"--New Century Club, Boston, November 28.
1905-1913 Involved in New Haven Railroad merger controversy.
1910 Counsel for Collier's Weekly in Ballinger-Pinchot dispute.
1910-1911 Represented Atlantic Coast trade organization in freight rate investigation before the Interstate Commerce Commission.
1910-1915 Chairman, Board of Arbitration, New York Garment Workers' strike.
1910 Formation of National Progressive Republican League.
1911 Speech "New Conception of Industrial Efficiency" before the Economic Club of New York, March 27.
Speech "Organized Labor and Efficiency" before the Boston Central Labor Union, April 2.
Endorses Robert LaFollette, Sr. as presidential candidate, September.
1912 Brown University speech, "Business--a profession," June 19.
Endorses Woodrow Wilson as presidential candidate.
1913 Joined Zion Association of Greater Boston.
Engaged as special counsel for the Interstate Commerce Commission.
1913-1914 "Money Trust" series of articles run in Harper's Weekly November-January.
1914 Books Other People's Money and Business--A Profession published.
1914-1916 Chairman of Provisional Committee for General Zionist Affairs.
1915 Oration, Faneuil Hall, Boston, "True Americanism," July 5.
1916 Speech, Chicago Bar Association, "Living Law," January 3.
Nominated to the Supreme Court of the United States by Woodrow Wilson, January 28.
Confirmed to Supreme Court seat, June 1.
1919 Summer trip to Europe and Near East; Zionists meeting in London.
1920 Attended World Zionist Conference, London, June-July.
1921 Zionist conference, Cleveland. Ohio, June.
Zionist split; Brandeis/Mack group organized.
1924 Begins donations of books and pamphlets to University of Louisville Library.
Brandeis/Mack group and Zionist Organization of America reconcile.
The Curse of Bigness, a miscellaneous collection of Brandeis' papers, published.
1939 Resigned from U.S. Supreme Court, February 13.
1941 Brandeis dies, October 5.
1945 Alice Goldmark Brandeis dies, October 12.