Reel 89 Zionism-Palestine 1928-1930

Letters from Julian W. Mack to Brandeis, about financing Palestine projects continue on reel 89. There are also letters and reports from Jacob deHaas, who often acted in Brandeis's stead on matters relative to Zionism; general correspondence for 1929; correspondence on a proposed translation of a book, Der Pojaz, by O. Franzos; and correspondence and reports from officers of the Palestine Economic Corporation, Joshua Bernhardt, secretary, and Bernard Flexner, including material on Jewish and Arab labor and on the "One Thousand Family Settlement Plan." Major correspondents include Isador Lubin, Norman Hapgood, Lillian (Mrs. Jacob) deHaas, Abraham Tulin, and Dr. Maurice B. Hexter. (Boxes Z/P 36-1c/4, 37, 38-1/2)