Reel 118 Miscellaneous 1881-1939, 1956, 1959

Reel 118 continues letters of congratulations from notable persons on the occasion of the Justice's 80th birthday in 1936. Also found is correspondence written in 1939 following Brandeis's announcement of his retirement from the Court, as well as Brandeis letters to the Palestine Economic Corporation, 1925-1938 and to Bernard Flexner, 1927-1939. Correspondents of note include Henry Ford, Albert Einstein, Franklin D. Roosevelt, David Ben-Gurion, Ernest Gruening, Julian W. Mack, Robert W. Woolley, Harold Laski, David E. Lilienthal, Frank Murphy, Harold Ickes, William O. Douglas, and Charles Poletti. Series VII ends with facsimile copies of Brandeis correspondence to Harold Laski, 1917-1933. These were sent to the University of Louisville by the Yale Law Library in 1956 and incorporated into the collection. Their cover letter has been filmed. (Boxes M 17-4/5, 18)