Reel 126 Garment Workers & Merger Scrapbooks

Garment Workers ... 1913 - 1916

Merger I* 1904 - June 1907, II July - August 1907, III September 1907 - January 1908, IV January - February 1908

Reel 126 continues the clipping scrapbook, Garment Workers and Preferential Union Shop. Editorials from the trade publication, The Ladies Garment Worker, and reports of industry disputes in 1913-1916, which abrogated the 1910 "protocol" agreement worked out by the Arbitration Board, chaired by Brandeis, are found here. The remainder of the reel contains the first four of twenty-one Merger scrapbooks. Early 1904-1906 material documents Brandeis's interest in the possible merger of railroads and urban street railways in Massachusetts. Additional material, 1907-1908, reports on the initial phases of the controversy provoked by the New Haven Railroad's attempt to acquire the Boston and Maine RR.

*A substantial number of clippings have been pasted into the gutter of this scrapbook and some edges may be unreadable.