Reel 132 Merger & Insurgency Scrapbooks

Merger XIX February - March 1814, XX April - June 1914, XXI July 1914 - 1917, 1920 - 1929, 1935, Insurgency I 1909 - 1910

The Merger scrapbooks end on reel 132, with articles concerning a vote by New Haven stockholders to dispose of other properties; the continued Interstate Commerce Commission inquiry into the railroad's financial condition and its possible connection with the Billard Company; the final ICC report to the U.S. Senate calling for prosecution of the New Haven's board of directors; reports of possible action by the Massachusetts legislature; and material added at the back of Merger XXI on New England Railroad problems in the 1920's and 1930's.

The remainder of the reel begins a series of scrapbooks on the Ballinger Pinchot conservation controversy and includes material on the ouster of Louis R. Glavis from the U.S. Land Office and Gifford Pinchot from the Forest Service, as well as testimony taken during the U.S. Senate's investigation of this matter. There are also articles on conservation from Everyman's and Hampton's Magazines.