Reel 146 Warren & Brandeis ... 1890 - 1989, 1941

Reel 146 continues the "Banash & Kornfeld-Collections" file, accession #1489. Subsequent files include: correspondence with Samuel D. Warren concerning assessments and taxation on the Boston property of S. D. Warren & Company; correspondence with Alfred L. Darrow, architect, on property renovations; correspondence with Brandeis' brother-in-law Charles Nagel of St. Louis, on investments; legal work done to determine property boundary lines for a client; and title searches. Accession #5033 is a list of securities probated for the Brandeis estate in 1941, and the reel ends with the first of several folders of litigation between the S. D. Warren Estate as stockholders against the Para Rubber Shoe Company of Boston, Massachusetts. (WB #1489e/f, 1503, 1504, 1636, 3059, 4180, 4287, 5033, 6337, 6479)