Reel 152 Warren & Brandeis ... 1907 - 1909

Correspondence, financial reports, memos, draft computations, and Brandeis' statement before the Massachusetts legislative committee on railroads, May 19, 1909, continue the New England railroad merger material on reel 152. A survey of opinion on the merger, sent out by the Massachusetts state branch of the American Federation of Labor, is also found. Brandeis' household receipts for 1908 - 1909 and personal correspondence, 1909, complete the reel. Correspondents include James J. Storrow, Otto A. Wehle, Alfred Brandeis, Meyer Bloomfield, Frank W. Taussig, Garrett Droppers, Norman H. White, Samuel Merwin, and Norman Hapgood. (WB #17720-40f/g, 17720-47, 17720-54, 17720-60, 17732, 17740, 17769, 17774-13)