Reel 166 Warren & Brandeis ... 1941 - 1947

Reel 166 contains further correspondence between E. Louise Malloch, Elizabeth Brandeis Raushenbush, Alice G. Brandeis, and Susan Brandeis Gilbert and others concerning settlement of the Justice's estate after his death in October, 1941. Other estate material found includes: questions surrounding payment of Missouri state tax on securities Brandeis held; receipted bills generated by the trustees; and copies of notarized signatures giving offset powers to the trustees to accompany bond maturities. Materials related to the settlement of Mrs. Brandeis' estate, after her death in 1945, are also part of this reel. Included are property inventories, receipted bills, working papers for probate, correspondence, and a final accounting. Of interest are typed copies of remarks made by Felix Frankfurter and Fola LaFollette at Mrs. Brandeis's funeral. (WB #50338-4b/g, 50338-5, 50338-6, 50338-7, 50339-1, 50339-2, 50339-4, 50339-5, 50339-6, 50339-7a) Accession #50339-3 contains cancelled checks and was not filmed.