Post-microfilm additions to the Louis D. Brandeis Collection

The law school has continued to collect Brandeis-related material throughout the years. New material is placed into boxes which are added to the end of the Addendum series. Since the material listed here was acquired after the microfilming of the collection, the only way to access it is to personally visit the law library.

Box A-12 (Additions to the collection.)

Boxes A-13 to A-19 (Letters from the Gilbert family.)

Box A-20 (Correspondence about the collection, 1930-1969.)

Box A-21 (Correspondence about the collection, 1970-2008.)

Boxes A-22 to A-28 (Working papers from Urofsky and Levy's book Half Brother, Half Son.)

Box A-29 (More papers from Half Brother, Half Son and other additions to the collection.)