Brandeis' Letters to Felix Frankfurter

These boxes contain photocopies and transcriptions of letters written by Louis D. Brandeis to Felix Frankfurter. These letters are primarily from the Library of Congress and were collected by Melvin Urofsky and David Levy in preparation of their 1991 book Half Brother, Half Son. The collection includes a number of letters not reprinted in the book as well as photocopies of extraneous materials mentioned in the letters (pamphlets, other people's letters, etc.)

Box A-22: Letters 1910-1922

Box A-23: Letters 1922-1925

Box A-24: Letters 1925-1927

Box A-25: Letters 1928-1930

Box A-26: Letters 1930-1932

Box A-27: Letters 1932-1934

Box A-28: Letters 1935-1938

Box A-29: Letters 1938-1941