Reel 30 Nutter, McClennen & Fish 1912-1915

Reel 30 beings with additional documentation of Brandeis's involvement in the Wilson campaign and election of 1912. Petitions from job seekers; letters discussing trusts; material on the "National Forward-to-the-Land League;" correspondence and a report pertaining to President Wilson's Commission on Economy and Efficiency; requests for help in drafting the Public Utility Act for the District of Columbia; discussion of toll rates for the Panama Canal and newspaper clippings on profit sharing are all found here. The reel concludes with correspondence on the growth of unionization in the United States. Correspondents include Felix Frankfurter, Amos and Gifford Pinchot, Moses E. Clapp, Norman Hapgood, George Eastman, Alfred Brandeis, Frederick A. Cleveland and D. O. Ives. (Boxes NMF 52-2f/2h,53, 54,55-1a)