Reel 35 Nutter, McClennen & Fish 1914-1915

Reel 35 continues correspondence on the railroad rate issue between Brandeis and James S. Harlan, Joseph N. Teal, and James W. Carmalt, as well as news clippings on the subject. There is also correspondence with Joseph B. Eastman at the time of his appointment to the Massachusetts Public Service Commission; samples of war-relief solicitation letters sent by the American Jewish Relief Committee under Brandeis's name as well as general correspondence related to the committee's work; correspondence on reorganization of the Boston and Maine Railroad and on further U.S. anti-trust measures. Correspondents include Alfred Brandeis, Meyer Bloomfield, Felix Frankfurter, J. L. Magnes, Louis Marshall, Congressman Francis G. Newlands of Nevada, Amos Pinchot and George Rublee. (Boxes NMF 65-1d/5,66-1/3d)