Reel 49 Supreme Court 1923-1932

Reel 49 contains general correspondence and includes items from Hayes Robbins on railroad management, from Roscoe Pound concerning a research fellowship at Harvard Law School that Brandeis helped make possible, from Robert W. Bingham of the Louisville Courier Journal on telephone company mergers, and drafts of letters from Brandeis to his nephew Frederick Wehle, his brother Alfred Brandeis, and his nieces Stella and Emily Dembitz concerning his support for the University of Louisville library. Also on this reel are news clippings on wiretapping and on President Herbert Hoover's Supreme Court appointments in 1930. Correspondents include Upton Sinclair, Felix Frankfurter, Philip F. and Robert M. LaFollette, Jr., Harold Laski, William G. McAdoo, Norman Hapgood, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., Joseph B. Eastman, and Ray Stannard Baker. (Boxes SC 6-2b/3, 7, 8, 9, 10)