Reel 50 Supreme Court 1932-1934

Reel 50 contains general correspondence for the years 1932 to 1934, including requests for information, letters of introduction, material from potential political candidates, letters from law school faculty across the country seeking advice on curriculum development, and from Alfred Lief and Alpheus T. Mason on proposed biographies of Justice Brandeis. There is also correspondence with Gilbert Montague concerning his proposals for revisions in the anti-trust laws, and in-coming letters discussing Brandeis's dissenting opinions in New State Ice Company of Oklahoma City vs. Liebman (1932) and in the Florida chain store tax law case, Liggett vs. J. M. Lee (1933). Correspondents include Bernard Flexner, Seba Eldridge, Harlan Fiske Stone, Felix Frankfurter, William H. Ingersoll, Julian W. Mack, Benjamin Cardozo, Harold Laski, Paul Kellogg, Richard Neuberger, and William G. McAdoo. (Boxes SC 11, 12, 13, 14-1a)