Reel 66 Government 1934-1936

Reel 66 contains incoming correspondence discussing the problems of the Roosevelt administration in 1935 and 1936, as well as commenting on numerous Supreme Court decisions during those years, notably the one striking down NRA. Of special interest is a letter (July 4, 1935) from Louis B. Wehle, Brandeis's nephew, describing his visit with President Roosevelt, and a draft from Lincoln Filene (July 7, 1935), of a study on the postal savings system. Additional correspondence with the Hapgood brothers on their family business, and reports, letters, and news clippings from Lincoln Filene and others on the progress of unemployment compensation legislation are also found. Major correspondents are Gilbert Montague, Richard Neuberger, Paul and Elizabeth Brandeis Rauschenbush, Paul Kellogg, Jacob Billikopf, Isador Lubin, Representative Samuel B. Pettengill of Indiana, and Roger Sherman Hoar. (Boxes G 10-1c/2, 11, 12-1a/1c)