Series V, Government (G), 1916, 1924-1937

Contained in 15 boxes and arranged in chronological order within each major subdivision, the fifth series, Government (G), encompasses the varied problems with which the government grappled during the period Brandeis served as a Supreme Court Justice. Incoming correspondence predominates.

Here is found material on President Wilson's appointment of Brandeis and Brandeis's subsequent refusal to serve on the Mexican Border Dispute Commission in 1916; several folders on unemployment; correspondence with Norman Hapgood and his brother, William, concerning the Columbia Converse Company, Indianapolis, Indiana, a family business, which pioneered in employee profit-sharing and management; correspondence proposing cures for the depression; material on republishing several of Brandeis's books: Business--A Profession, The Curse of Bigness, and Other People's Money; and several folders containing reactions to President Franklin Roosevelt's Supreme Court reorganization proposal of 1937.

The Felix Frankfurter correspondence here has been arranged as nearly as possible in chronological order since many of the letters lack complete dates. The penciled numbers of his letters had been done previous to our editing.