Kentucky Law in the Library

Kentucky materials are found in five separate places in the law library:
    One set of the most recent Kentucky statutory compilations (Lexis & Thompson / West), recent Kentucky Acts, the Kentucky Administrative Regulations, Kentucky rules, Kentucky treatises, Kentucky CLE materials, Louisville and Jefferson ordinances, and many other materials are found behind the circulation desk on the reserve shelves. They are all non-circulating and can only be checked out for four hours with a valid U of L ID.


  2. FIRST FLOOR: RANGES 134 & 133
    A second set of statutes, acts, regulations and rules, along with second copies some of the treatises are found on range 134 on the first floor. Range F-134 also contains slip opinions of Kentucky Supreme Court through 2002 (current Supreme court slip opinions are available only on the Kentucky Supreme Court's Website), Court of Appeals and Workers Compensation Board for the current and previous year. In addition, the first and second editions of Kentucky Digest and the current Shepard's citator volumes for Kentucky are found here. Attorney General's Opinions and double sets of Kentucky Decisions and the old Kentucky Reports can be found on Range F-133. These items are all non-circulating.


    Most superseded treatises, along with many other Kentucky materials are shelved in the general stacks. In addition, since 1980 Legislative Research Commission reports have been catalogued on Minerva and placed in the stacks. Many Kentucky CLE materials are also found in the general stacks. All Kentucky legal materials are classified KFK. Some of these materials may be checked out with a valid ID.


    The microforms section in the basement contains Kentucky Acts, superseded Michie's Kentucky Revised Statutes (1971-), Kentucky Attorney General opinions, Kentucky bar journals, and a few other items.


    All superseded statutes and regulations can be found in the Attic. In addition, the attic contains the older Acts, the House and Senate Journal, and several sets of the Debates of the 1849 and 1890 Constitutional Convention. Louisville and Jefferson Ordinances, Kentucky historical materials, and publications of state government agencies, the Legislative Research Commission and the University of Louisville are also stored here. The attic also contains bound copies of Kentucky Court of Appeals (year previous to current year) and Supreme Court (year previous to current year) slip opinions and the library's collection of briefs submitted to the Kentucky Court of Appeals (1971-76) and Kentucky Supreme Court (1976 to present). All documents are non-circulating. Users must obtain a elevator key to access the attic and ask permission to copy older materials.
In addition to these materials, the Handmaker Rare Book room contains a few rare Kentucky books, as well as the papers of Justice Louis D. Brandeis.