Luis Cartaya: Why I chose UofL Law

Luis Cartaya

University of Florida
B.A. History

"I decided to go to law school so I could become a “leader” in society. Being born in Cuba, I realize the opportunity presented to me here in this country is tremendous. I owe it to my parents, who moved here and left everything back in their homeland, to be as successful as I can. Once I decided to go to law school I began thinking about where I wanted to study. Location was most important to me and therefore I applied to different schools in big cities across the country. Louisville is the perfect location—a big city with a small-town feel. Living here for only three months, so far, I have seen more generosity than I could have ever imagined. People are far more courteous than in any other big metropolitan area I have visited. The small things—holding doors, using turn signals, giving others the right of way—are all gestures I rarely saw where I went to high school.

My time at UofL Law makes me feel like I made the right decision to come here. The faculty and staff are here to help you succeed. All of my first-year professors make learning the law fun—who would have thought Civil Procedure would be a class I actually enjoy.

Overall I love law school. Sure it is extremely hard work and time consuming, but I feel like I am accomplishing something great and I am learning a great deal. I think I have learned more in my first three months of law school than I did throughout my entire undergraduate studies."