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Brandeis Crypt

Justice Louis Dembitz Brandeis and his wife Alice Goldmark are buried in front of the law school. A tradition has developed over the years of students placing coins and Animal Crackers over the Brandeis’ grave markers during the final exam period to ensure good luck.

Accounting and Finance for Lawyers - 2015 Fall

Professor Blackburn will teach Accounting and Finance for Lawyers as a class, but in the style of an independent study if: 1) at least five students register and 2) the group of five can find a suitable time during the week to meet.  If you are interested, please contact Professor Blackburn at or 502-852-6384.

Federal Tax Externship – 2015 Summer and Fall

The tax externship for summer 2015 is filled, but there are still three externships available for the 2015 fall semester.

The local office of IRS Chief Counsel is the “law firm” for the local IRS office and agents.  The office of Chief Counsel functions much like any other law firm, except that their only client is the IRS. 
Externs work under the direct supervision of IRS attorneys and Professor Blackburn. The office handles a variety of issues including tax issues, collection, bankruptcy, state law contract rights, criminal law and trial related issues such as statute of limitations, jurisdiction, discovery and evidence issues.  As externs, you participate directly in staff meetings; you research and write legal memos, meet with taxpayers and their attorneys or CPAs and meet with IRS agents who have questions about tax issues or about other issues involving state of federal non-tax law. Externs may take the lead in meetings with pro se taxpayers.  Externs assist IRS trial attorneys with trial preparation and sometimes the student-extern represents the IRS in U.S. Tax Court against pro se taxpayers.
To be eligible for this externship you must be enrolled in school on at least a half-time basis and you must have successfully completed at least one course in Federal taxation.

If you would like more information, please contact Professor Blackburn ( or 502-852-6384).  The required security clearance can take four to six weeks, so the process needs to be completed before the fall semester begins.


Course Schedules Fall 2015 & Spring 2016

An updated course schedule for fall 2015, together with updated course notes will be posted today. The changes to the schedule are minor.  Note that the Electronic Discovery course is not a seminar. A tentative spring 2016 course schedule will also be posted today. It is tentative and likely to be changed by adding additional courses.

Summer 2015 Special Session Online Courses

For summer 2015 the law school will offer online courses in four separate summer sessions. These courses will be taught by faculty from other law schools and will be transmitted via a virtual classroom. An information packet is attached and the provider of these courses will present an information session on Wednesday, April 1, at noon in room 275. See Dean Nowka for additional information and a list of courses offered.

Registration Forms Deadline - 2:00 p.m, Thursday, April 2

Pre-registration forms (including Employment Cards) must be submitted to Student Records (Rm. 217) by 2:00 p.m., April 2.

Each semester, all students must complete the employment card and submit it to Student Records by the pre-registration deadline.

 Please read the Summer/Fall 2015 registration instructions.  Registration dates and times are on the front page of the registration instructions.


Litigation and Transactional Skills Certificate Program

Current 2L and 3L students may apply for acceptance into the Certificate of Accomplishment in Litigation Skills or the Certificate of Accomplishment in Transactional Skills Programs. These Programs allow students priority registration in designated litigation or transactional skills courses. Currently there are nine placements available in the Programs. Students are eligible to receive a Certificate of Accomplishment in Litigation or Transactional Skills upon graduation if they satisfy the Certificate requirements regardless whether they enroll in the Certificate Program. Contact Dean Nowka, room 213, for additional information or to apply.  Application deadline is March 31, 2015, noon.

Networking Opportunity

Looking for a way to connect and learn from some of Louisville's most prominent attorneys? Check out the fourth edition of Legal-Ease Series on March 26, 2015, 11:45am to 1:00pm.  At this lunch series, you will hear from attorneys who have excelled in the corporate world. The set-up gives young professionals a comfortable way to interact with our guests, who will share their best career and business development advice.  A buffet lunch will be provided with registration.  Seating is very limited, so REGISTER EARLY!  Confirmed Guests are: Jim Beckett - Chief Business Development Officer at Frost Brown Todd LLC; Cheryl Bruner - Director of Customer Services & Marketing at LG&E and KU Energy; Ekumene Lysonge - Vice President, Legal Affairs & Assistant Secretary at Churchill Downs Inc.; Cathy Tang - Chief Legal Officer at KFC Corporation; and Peter Wayne - Wealth Advisor at Stock Yards Bank & Trust Co. Please go to  to register!

Fall 2015 Course Schedule and Course Notes

The tentative course schedule and course notes for fall 2015 are posted on the Law School webpage at the Academics link under "class schedules." Updated schedules will be posted so please consult the webpage for the latest schedule. Contact Dean Nowka after spring break if you have any questions.

REMINDER - Moot Court Board and Journals Advising Program -Wed., March 4 at NOON

REMINDER - Wednesday, March 3  at noon in Rm.275

Moot Court Board and Journals Advising Program


Lunch Provided


If you have questions, please contact Dean DiSanza.