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If you are planning to take a make-up exam this spring semester, please submit your make-up exam request form to Student Records by 4:00 p.m., Monday, November 25.

Spring 2014 Prerequisites

Students are advised that the following two Spring courses have pre-requisites as follows.  Previous versions of the Spring schedule listing these courses without pre-requisites are in error.


Business Planning:

Prerequisites: All first year required courses, unless waived by the professor teaching the course
and the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs; Basic Federal Income Tax and Business


Mergers and Acquisitions:

Prerequisite: All first year required courses, unless waived by the professor teaching the course
and the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs; Business Organizations. 

Professor Ray Nimmer to Speak

Professor Ray Nimmer will provide a 1-hour presentation on the "Intersection of Commercial and Intellectual Property Law and Practice in the 21st Century.”  The presentation will  take place  at the University of Louisville Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at 6:00 P.M. on November 14th.    A reception at 5:00 will precede the presentation.  Faculty, students, and practitioners are encouraged to attend the reception. Professor Nimmer is the outgoing dean of University of Houston Law Center and co-director of the Houston Intellectual Property and Information Law Institutes.  He is the author of over twenty-five books and numerous articles, including a three-volume treatise on Information Law, a multi-volume book on the Law of Computer Technology, a treatise on Modern Licensing Law, and a multi-volume treatise on The Law of Electronic Commercial Transactions.

Interdisciplinary Course Opportunities

Law students are reminded that they may, with permission of the Assistant Dean for Student Life, take up to six hours of course work in other graduate departments towards their 90 hour requirement for the JD.  In particular, please take note of the following opportunities which the law school is aware of.  Students wishing additional information about these or other graduate courses may contact Assistant Dean Ballard or Associate Dean Hall.


1.  The Psychology Department invites law student registration in Forensic Assessment, PSYC 687-75.  This course will meet Tuesdays from 5:30-8:30pm in Room 133 of the Life Sciences CenterSchool of Edica. 


Course format will primarily consist of case studies and reenactments of actual forensic interviews to allow for appreciation of how best practice forensic reports are generated for criminal, civil, and family courts.  Case studies and reenactments will reflect a cross section of the various types of forensic evaluations (such as Competency, MSO/Mental Status at the Time of Offense, Violence and Sex Offender Risk Assessments, Parental Capacity, Child Custody, and Fitness for Duty).  


Prior to presentations of cases, a framework will be provided, allowing students to appreciate basic aspects of the legal system and the adjudicative process; relevant case law; the distinction between therapeutic and forensic assessment; common ethical pitfalls when working in the forensic arena; the components of best practice forensic evaluation; and appropriate use of psychometric tests relevant to specific legal inquiry. Practical applications such as communicating with the Courts, report writing, and expert testimony will also be reviewed. 


There will be no formal exams in this course.  Rather, grades will be determined based upon mid-term and final written reports of cases presented, in actual Court-based format. These reports will necessarily require identification of diagnoses and clinical formulation.


[Law students, of course, would have different mid-term and final assignments]


2.  The College of Education and Human Development sent us notice of two courses which law students may find of interest:


Legal Issues in P-12 Education, ELFH 620 (Saturdays 9-11:30am)

Educational Resource Management in P-12 Education, ELFH 622 (Saturdays 1:00-3:30pm).



Registration for Courses with Prerequisites

Students registering for courses for the Spring semester are reminded that they should read all Course Notes and ensure that they have satisfied the prerequisites for all courses for which they intend to enroll before attempting to register for Spring courses.  Courses with prerequisites beyond the first year curriculum are marked on the course schedule with a "P," and specific course prerequisites are listed in our Course Catalog.

Spring Externship Opportunities

Externships allow students to earn academic credit while developing lawyering skills under the direct supervision of a licensed and practicing attorney.  For the spring 2014 semester, openings remain at the Office of the Jefferson County Attorney, the Louisville Metro Public Defender’s Office, the Legal Aid Society, and the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.  Detailed information is available at the TWEN course titled “Externship INFORMATION.”  You can also contact Professor Jordan at   

Federal Tax Externship - 2014 Spring

There are still two openings in the 2014 spring Tax Externship program. 

Externs work in the local office of the IRS under the direct supervision of IRS attorneys and Professor Blackburn.  Your externship experience will include research and writing memos, opinion letters, motions and other documents to be filed with the U.S. Tax Court. 

Externs attend meetings with taxpayers, with IRS audit agents, and with legal counsel and CPAs representing taxpayers. The U. S. Tax Court has a trial docket in Louisville during the spring semester;  all externs will attend some of the trials and some externs may represent the government against pro se taxpayers. 

If you are interested, please contact Professor Blackburn at or 502-852-6384.

Spring 2014 Energy Law

Professor Tom Fitzgerald would like students interested in Energy Law (LAW 841-12) in the Spring 2014 semester to be aware that there will be no final exam in this course, as previously posted on the Spring final exam schedule.  Instead, students' grades will be determined based on written work product.  However, the written work in this course will not satisfy the Upper Division Writing Requirement. 


Spring ACLU, Immigration Externships

New Externship Opportunity - ACLU-Ky Externship
This externship is available to students who have completed 60 credit hours and requires certification under the Kentucky Bar student practice rule.  If you are interested, please contact Professor Trucios-Haynes at
Immigration Externship
Interested students should contact Professor Trucios-Haynes at

Academic Success Library Reminder to Professional Responsibility Students

Now that the Professional Responsibility class and MPRE are over this semester, please do not forget to return your study aids to the Academic Success Library.  Also, donations of any study materials are always greatly appreciated!