Academics News

Spring 2014 Course Cancellations

The following Spring 2014 courses are being canceled due to low enrollment:


Taxation of Partnerships and LLCs


Bankruptcy Practice and Procedure


Students enrolled in these courses have been notified via email.  Affected students who would like advice regarding the impact of these changes on their Spring schedules should contact Associate Dean Hall or Assistant Dean Ballard.


Congratulations to Emily Harris and to Owen Lee Wilson

Congratulations to Emily Harris and to Owen Lee Wilson who were recently selected to represent the Law School as the 2014 Tax Moot Court Team.  The competition includes brief writing (due by 14 January 2014) and oral argument rounds starting Thursday, 6 February 1014, through Saturday, 8 February 2014, in Clearwater Beach, Florida.   Teams from about nineteen law schools will compete.  During all phases of the competition, teams are identified by number, not by their law school.  Separate awards will be given for brief writing and for oral argument. The team is coached by Professor Blackburn, Adjunct Professor Mark Hahn, and Laurie Beth McTighe, a member of the 2013 Tax Moot Court Team.

Spring 2014 Critical Race Theory Seminar

Professor Powell has asked that the following course description for the Spring 2014 seminar in Critical Race Theory be made available to students.


"Critical Race Theory ("CRT") questions the very foundations of the liberal order, including equality theory, legal reasoning, Enlightenment rationalism, and neutral principles of constitutional law."  Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic, CRITICAL RACE THEORY: AN INTRODUCTION 3 (NYU Press 2001).  Advancing an interdisciplinary approach to critique the law and its role in preserving structural inequality, CRT focuses on analyzing several recurrent themes in the law:  (i) interest convergence (the concept that any "progess" on racial issues is purely the product of whether it contributes to the status quo of inequality); (ii) revisionist history (a critique of how history has been de-contextualized to advance a distorted historical narrative of America's racial progress); (iii) colorblindness and post-racialism (a critique of "neutrality" and the role it plays in the maintenance of systemic subordination of people of color); and (iv) structural determinism (the proposition that racism is structural and adaptable so that societal change is incremental and limited).  These principles will be applied and discussed in a variety of contexts.  

UCC Sales—get it this spring while you can!

UCC Article 2 Sales is tested on the bar examination with Contracts.  Although the Contracts course includes some coverage of Article 2, the Sales course offered in the spring semester 2014 reviews and expands that coverage. This two-credit hour course primarily covers Article 2 of the UCC—sales of goods.  There is some coverage of Article 2A—leases of goods and the convention on international sales of goods (CISG).  Contact Professor Nowka if you have questions regarding the course.

Spring 2014 Taxation of LLCs and Partnerships

For those students interested in, but who have not yet registered for, the Spring 2014 course in Taxation of LLCs and Partnerships, adjunct professor Darby Smith would like students to know that he will treat Federal Income Taxation of Individuals as a co-requisite, rather than as a pre-requisite.  Thus, students enrolled in Federal Income Taxation of Individuals in the Spring semester are also eligible to enroll in Taxation of LLCs and Partnerships.

Professor Smith has also provided a draft of the course syllabus for the information of students who may be interested in the course and want to see the intended course coverage.  That syllabus is attached to this page.

Spring 2014 Low Enrollment Courses

Students were previously advised that certain Soring courses with low initial enrollments may be canceled for lack of student interest.  This is a reminder that the University registration system re-opens on Monday, November 25 - students interested in any low enrollment courses are advised to register for those courses early next week, as decisions will need to be made regarding any course cancellations before the Thanksgiving break.

Law School Bad Weather Policy

  As winter approaches, please keep in mind that occasionally classes may be canceled or delayed for weather-related reasons.   The Law School's policy is in general to follow the lead of the University - we will not ordinarily make our own determinations of when to cancel or delay classes as a unit.  Students may sign up for the University's Alert system at in order to receive text messages of any weather-related cancellation or delay.  

The Law School's official policy is available in our Student Handbook and is reproduced for your information below. 

Student Handbook - Chapter 5: Bad Weather Schedule

The School of Law follows the University's lead in all weather-related cancellations and delays. Please note that the University will provide official school closing information in the following ways: A notice at the top of the University home page (; e-mails sent to all students and employees on their official university e-mail accounts; a recorded message at 852-5555.
1. If the University cancels classes for the entire day, all School of Law classes are cancelled.
2. If the University delays the start of classes, the following rules apply:
a. All classes scheduled to end at or before 10:15 a.m. are cancelled,
b. All classes scheduled to begin at 10:25 a.m. will meet at their normal time, and
3. If the university cancels evening classes, all School of Law classes beginning at or after 4:15 p.m. are cancelled.
4. Notwithstanding the prior rules, if any delay or cancellation affects only the Belknap campus, Law Clinic and Law Clinic II will meet as scheduled, unless the Clinic Director indicates otherwise.

NCBE Releases a Fourth Online Practice Exam

Attention Students Taking a February 2014 or July 2014 Bar Exam:

Several years ago the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) launched its Online Practice Exam (OPE) initiative - taking retired test MBE questions, having designated members of the test drafting committees write annotations explaining why each of the four options were correct or incorrect, and packaging the material in a 100-item format that simulates an actual half-day of MBE testing.  A fourth OPE is now availablePlease note the addition of a fourth OPE on the handout in your Bar Exam Folder that you received during the Candor Program on November 5.

Each of the four OPEs is offered on a subscription basis; that is, the individual student purchasing a subscription is entitled to revisit the content an unlimited number of times over the course of one year.  Because the test is delivered online, it has interactive features that deliver useful feedback.

Authentic test preparation is available on the NCBE website at a modest cost of $50 per OPE. 


If you are planning to take a make-up exam this FALL semester, please submit your make-up exam request form to Student Records by 4:00 p.m., Monday, November 25.

If you have questions, please contact Barbara Thompson in Student Records.

Spring 2014 Mediation

Students are advised that, as in the past, the Spring 2014 course in Mediation will be graded on a pass/fail basis.  The course was coded into the University database incorrectly and may show up as a graded course when you register.  This error in the University database will be corrected in the near future.